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No idea what happened yesterday but the post apparently didn’t go into the right spot.

So nobody got to see it. Not that it was a brilliant piece of writing or anything. In a piece I wrote a few weeks ago I was talking about how, on projects like this “daily photo” thing, it’s ok to put photos up that aren’t necessarily up to snuff. Today’s image for example was taken at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art with my phone.


Because it was the only camera I had on me and I wanted a photo of the painter that was speaking because I thought he was interesting. Of course I wish I had a better camera on me but that doesn’t matter. This is going up today to prove my point. You don’t have to put on the facade of being a perfect photographer that takes perfect images no matter what. Reality is far more interesting, and the “what the hell David?” looks on your faces when you see the image are good enough for me!

See you tomorrow,