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“The Sunset Limited” was the inspiration for today’s post. What? Yes, a post related to the image! I don’t feel like discussing the inconvenient 2 feet of snow covering my car.

Rosary by David Bickley Photography

The movie is about a professor (Tommy Lee Jones) that tries to commit suicide but is stopped by a God-fearing ex-con (Samuel L. Jackson). The entire movie is a series of philosophical discussions on life, death, happiness, despair, and ultimately God. What’s even more interesting to me is that the entirety of the 90-minute movie takes place in one room. I know, that sounds horribly boring but the dynamic between the two characters (there’s nobody else in the movie) is more than intense enough to draw you in. I don’t know if deep, thought-provoking films are your thing or not…but if they are you should check it out.

See you tomorrow,