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More snow on the way. While I’m happy that this gives me another shot at making my snowman army, I’m not too thrilled at the scheduling conflicts it’s creating.

Chady Dunmore by David Bickley Photography

I know I’ve hinted at it before so now I’ll just say it outright. I love my car, but the traction control on the Prius (2005) is dangerously bad. It engages sometimes if I drive through a puddle. No joke. Imagine then what it’s like on roads that are actually bad. If this were a case of not being good at driving in adverse conditions I would happily admit it, but I’ve got that pretty well under control. The prospect of a foot or two of snow by Wednesday makes me a little uneasy for that reason. Hybrid SUVs need to hurry up and get produced, specifically the FJ Cruiser. I know it can be done, I saw one in LA. Obviously it was an independent conversion and I understand that but I don’t get why something so obviously great isn’t being produced yet.

The Prius is first on the short list of smart purchases I’ve made in my life and I don’t regret it at all. It’s a great vehicle even despite the fact that I get absolutely zero respect on the road. That said, the day I can buy a hybrid FJ Cruiser without having to somehow convert it myself…nothing will stop me from buying it.

I hope you’re listening Toyota.

See you tomorrow,