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What a great day. Getting to start it off by working with a team that rocks really set the morning off in the right direction.

Untitled by David Bickley Photography

As great as that shoot was though, after work was even better. I’ve spent so long lately around people that couldn’t care less about me that being around my actual friends was a blessing beyond words. Of course, it means I’ve stayed up WAY too late but it was well worth tomorrow’s exhaustion. It’s funny (in a sad sort of way) how far we can drift from ourselves if we aren’t careful. I’m very lucky to have people in my life that can (by their presence alone) help me get back to center. They have always understood and accepted me…and they don’t tempt me into things that would be less than who I am.

I think the saying goes: “You can determine the character of a man by looking at the 5 people he associates with most.”

As cold as it sounds…I believe that sometimes you need to man up and cut out the diseases for your overall health. It works for the body, for the mind and certainly for the soul.

See you tomorrow,