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How willing are you to make a complete fool of yourself? Can you throw pride out the window and just be weak?

Elana by David Bickley Photography

Let’s be blunt here, we all have pride and ego. Nobody is exempt. So the question for me is…what do we gain from holding on to those things? Of course it’s safer to hide behind facades and walls…safer to run from our fears than to face them. I’ve run from plenty of mine. Usually it’s a very temporary flight but sometimes that response is too powerful to resist so I have to come back after I recharge the courage.

What’s the point here?

Truthfully I’m not sure. It’s late and I’m rambling.

I guess what I’m getting at is that letting fear, pride and ego govern never really seems to work out well. When overcome though, the world lines up.

In the grand scheme of things doesn’t it take more strength to allow yourself to be weak than to pretend you aren’t?

See you tomorrow,