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Today marked the last day of shooting for the jewelry designer I’ve been contracted with. I can’t even begin to guess at how many pieces have been photographed, but saying “there were a ton” is probably close enough.

Endless Pearl Necklace by David Bickley Photography

The model was the last piece we had to get sorted and I don’t know to express how happy I am that I actually got to put jewelry on a person instead of a white background. Don’t get me wrong, standard white catalog images have their place and they are kind-of a necessity. After a total of 4 days of it though the change of pace was welcome. I do wish there wasn’t snow all over the place so shooting locations would have fit seasons easier, but we made it work.

Obviously today’s image was in studio…I’ll post a location image tomorrow I’m sure. Maybe. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve been going non-stop all day and will be doing the same again when I wake up so it’s bed time for this guy.

See you tomorrow,