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Time to send another camera off to the trusty service center. It’s occurrences like today’s that make me laugh hysterically at any photographer who says you don’t need a backup camera.

Ella by David Bickley Photography

Truthfully I wouldn’t even trust a top Leica film camera completely enough to not have a plan B. Those are much simpler machines than the digital SLRs I use too. As in, I could actually maybe fix a film Leica if I needed to. Maybe.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t the Hassy…I haven’t had the greatest time with their service department so I’m very happy to keep it far away from there for a while.

Tomorrow is a catch-up day so if there is anything you are expecting from me, expect it soon! There’s a huge list, but I’m pretty confident I can tackle it in one day.

See you tomorrow,