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I wanted to mention this yesterday but I completely forgot despite the fact that I authored an article on the subject the same day.

Ella by David Bickley Photography

Most of us photographers/digital artists rely heavily on pressure sensitive “tablets” that allow us to draw directly into a program like Photoshop. My favorite of these tablet manufacturers has always been Wacom. In fact, I’ve had my Intuos2 for over 10 years and never had a single issue with it. I love it so much I actually refuse to upgrade it because the newer models don’t have the same tactile sensation when you put pen to pad.

The article that I put up on Fstoppers yesterday was about a new product from them that I’m pumped about. They plan to make their own mobile tablet (think iPad). Rather than repeat myself about why this is awesome. Head over to Fstoppers and check out the article for yourself if you’re interested.

See you tomorrow,