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It feels so good to get back to cooking again.

Scott Schutte by David Bickley Photography

I went through this period where I was eating out nearly every day…several times a day. I think that lasted something like 8 months with a bit of a break in the middle before I slipped back into it again. Not only is that a major drain on the wallet but it gets so boring too! The only real exception to this is sushi (or I guess when I’m traveling and don’t have a choice). Mark my words, one day I will hire my own sushi chef. Even if it’s only for an hour or two.

Here’s the thing…I love to cook, always have. Somehow the act of eating away from the house for a fun night out turned into constant thing, which turned into a lack of desire to make the effort in my own kitchen. Not cool. Also nowhere near as healthy.

The Lab (my stove) is open once more!


See you tomorrow,