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A friend of mine was making fun of me for the complete lack of life altering substance on the blog (outside of pretty girls) earlier today.

Jet Couture Jewelry by David Bickley Photography

So, since they apparently provide no tangible value Ive decided to remedy this by dropping some knowledge on you this time.

1.) Your eye muscles move 100,000 times a day. A research paper called “Portable Eyetracking: A Study of Natural Eye Movements.” addresses the specifics of how they came to this conclusion. However, if you try to count how many times your eyes move around even while reading this you’ll see how completely possible that is.

2.) Spider silk is stronger than steel. I learned this along my quest to be Spiderman. Web shooters were obviously top of the list but I couldn’t see how it was possible to be held by something like a spider web. But it actually could. Spider silk is made up of chains of amino acids which means it’s basically a protein…but it’s an extremely strong protein. About 5 times stronger than steel and twice as strong as kevlar of the same weight. Couple that with it’s ability to stretch by about 30% and you have an extremely strong and resilient fiber.

3.) Most lipstick contains fish scales. The ingredient “pearl essence” or “pearlescence” is added to lipstick, nail polish and several other products to give them the shimmery effect that they have. “Pearl Essence” is the silvery stuff found in fish scales and is usually harvested from Herring.

What’s up now?

See you tomorrow,