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Man, what a day! From a long lunch with a friend I haven’t seen in forever to finally watching “The Life of Pi” while I worked on a client’s site, and then going out dancing… I’m beat. For the record, that movie is amazing. The cinematography is breathtaking. I mean really, I don’t think there was a single shot that wasn’t beautiful.

Scott Schutte by David Bickley Photography

Truth be told, normally I would still be out (especially since it’s pretty much St. Paddy’s Day) and I briefly considered it. However, I have a long speaking engagement tomorrow morning and afternoon so I have to behave like an adult tonight and get a decent night’s sleep. So, it seems like the best option is going to be to open up the windows and let the night in. Maybe pop in another movie…

I would say I’m “happy as a clam” but quite frankly that saying is disgusting cause clams gross me out.

See you tomorrow,