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What did I learn today? Well, for starters, when you’re asked to speak at an event it might be a good idea to ask about what the event is.

Scott Schutte by David Bickley Photography

I wish someone had been with me when I walked through the doors of the Convention Center this morning so they could have taken a photo of the look on my face. Let me start by saying this…I’m a dork…a nerd through and through. I have an opinion on StarWars vs StarTrek, I grew up reading comic books, I went through a phase of wearing anime shirts…at one point in my life I even got paid to teach people to Yo-yo…but I had never been to any sort of comic convention, fantasy convention…or any kind of convention really.

Until today.

We’ve talked about the board game “Go” on here before and that is what I was asked to speak about. I’m so used to speaking on this topic and all of the educational and health benefits of it for cultural festivals and schools that I just assumed it was another one of those.

Then I met 50 different Pokemon…

I may have been slightly overdressed.

Don’t misunderstand, I’m not ridiculing anyone but myself here. I really should have looked into what the event was so I at least knew the crowd I would be speaking to. I can handle walking into a room full of ninjas, guitar-wielding samurai, robots, and half naked women. In fact, on any given day that actually sounds kinda awesome. It just wasn’t what I expected to see first thing this morning.

Do you ever really expect to see a ninja though?

Anyway, all kidding aside the panel went really well. Engaging people in that way has become one of my favorite things to do over the years, which is funny to me considering how much I hated public speaking in school.

All said, if the chance ever comes up again I will be presenting in a cape…cause really, when else am I going to get to do that?

See you tomorrow,