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From the looks of it I will be in LA for a few days very soon. That’s pretty cool timing considering I was just whining about all the snow.

Untitled flower by David Bickley Photography

Today’s image just got permission to be released from the publication it was featured in, I’m pretty happy about that cause I’ve wanted to show you since the second it was finished. Which reminds me. The “tear sheets” section is up and running despite being wholly incomplete. I’m still waiting on most of the recent stuff to come in, as well as better versions of some. Now that I have some help keeping those things up to date you can expect that things will be changing more frequently than my once a year revamp.

Before I forget, any athletes coming to the KC area for the WBFF Championships in May…I will be here. You loyal followers get the first notice of that. The official announcement will go out next week so if you are hoping to shoot with me around that time you need to book soon. Use the contact form on this site to get in touch with me and I will walk you through everything you need to know.

See you tomorrow,