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Yesterday I put a out a post on Fstoppers talking about something I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned before…either here or on facebook. Who knows.

Scott Schutte by David Bickley Photography

For those of you that are photographers I urge you to go read it and try the challenge. Of course, as with anything, you may not get anything out of it…but then again you just might. I think one of the best ways to become better with your photography is to challenge yourself in ways outside of what you would normally be exposed to (no pun intended). Be that something as simple as using one lens that you never use and nothing else for a week, or something like what I pose in the article. If you approach with with the right mindset you’re bound to grow at least a little.

You can check the article out here.

And for those of you that aren’t familiar with photo-slang…”chimping” refers to the act of looking at your LCD screen after you take an image.

See you tomorrow,