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For the past month or so the direction of this blog has been on my mind a lot. I’d like to get you a lot more involved!

Natascha by David Bickley Photography

Rather than what we’ve done for so long where you come and read whatever rambling I’ve got to dish out that day and look at a new photo I want to change things a bit. What I’m thinking is that at least once a month I’m going to let one of you give me an assignment. A concept that I’ll have a specific amount of time to execute as best as I can. This means that I’ll have to take whatever you say and put together a full shoot based on it, including a styling team and models if necessary. Maybe it’s a product instead, who knows, it’ll be completely up to you!

I’m thinking we’ll start this first one on Monday. I realize that’s April Fool’s Day, but I promise you this isn’t a prank. The more I talk about this the more excited I get, I’m ready for the challenge!

See you tomorrow,