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Not exactly a huge response on yesterday’s post guys. One actually. So it looks like I’ll either be shooting a kitten or a nest of baby birds!

Cover image for KC Magazine's April issue, by David Bickley Photography

Today’s image is from the KC Magazine’s April Fashion issue. My copies just came in today so you can expect some unpublished images to be going up soon. I took it upon myself to finally try to recreate the amazing “steak and Guinness pie” that I had in London last year. Not being one to follow recipes very well anyway I started by looking for common ingredients in the top concoctions I found online and kinda winged it. I also don’t really know how to cook a small amount of food so I may have spent somewhere around $80 for all of the meat I used in it. The base of it turned out awesome and tomorrow when it’s had the chance to sit for awhile and get even more robust I’ll finish up the rest. Hopefully it turns out at least a little photogenic too so I can get something other than a satisfied stomach out of the effort!

See you tomorrow,