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As a kid, and even on into adulthood dinosaurs have fascinated me. Obviously the movie last night took me back to that a bit.

Unpublished image from KC Magazine's April issue, by David Bickley Photography

Then, while perusing the internet earlier I checked up on NatGeo like I usually do and found an article on the T-Rex (again because of the re-release of Jurassic Park). Something unexpected happened though and I found an article that solidified something I had only ever heard as speculation before. Many dinosaurs apparently had feathers! How strange is that? I mean it makes sense given the relation to bird, but given that I (probably all of us) grew up being told of the leathery naked ones.

You can check out the article I’m talking about here

Even with that they would obviously still be terrifying though. I’d still be pretty hesitant to laugh at a big fuzzy T-Rex.

See you tomorrow,