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Boy what a long day. I don’t know that I’ve ever just been an audience member at a fitness show, but I was today.

Bryan by David Bickley Photography

Definitely an interesting experience. I will never say that any one organization is better than the other, that’s not my style. However, I will say that the show style between each of them is VERY different. I don’t feel wrong is expressing my preference there…I love the WBFF shows. They are just so much more entertaining for the crowd, you know? I mean let’s be real here, unless you know one or more of the people on stage you’re not going to last long watching each person do basically the same thing. Even the announcers drone on and on in situations like that. However, you go to a WBFF show and it’s a full production where the competitors really seem to be having fun. Those are fun to watch even if you don’t know anyone.

Of course that’s just my opinion and every show has it’s purpose…some are much more technical and I completely understand that. Maybe I just like the energy more.

See you tomorrow,