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Last night in LA and it’s come way too soon. I feel bad that we didn’t have time go to all of the places that I wanted to show her, but we got the important ones done. No, that doesn’t mean the Hollywood sign and all that stuff.

Loni by David Bickley Photography

It means amazing restaurants, beautiful scenery and as much shopping as any man could handle. I can only imagine how much more shopping would have taken place if we’d actually had the time. She had a session with another photographer this afternoon and originally my plan was to get up early and shoot before they had to get started, but that didn’t work out. Good thing too, it’s been fairly overcast for the past two days and I was pretty sure we were going to have to deal with gross skies. However, it cleared up right before and although I really wished I’d brought a scrim.

Anyway, it’s bed time. Got a flight to catch in the morning,

All the Best,