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This is the first time I’ve been home since 8 this morning. Man what a busy day!

Brad Kays by David Bickley Photography

Also, I came home to a new puppy (not pictured here)! It’s not mine but that doesn’t really stop the excitement. In fact I might even say it enhances it. I get all the joy of a puppy with absolutely none of the drawback (like needing to be constantly present rather than out shooting). It’s a win/win situation! Does that sound selfish…probably, but I’ve wanted a dog of my own since I lost Sokah and this helps alleviate that desire a bit. In other news, a good friend and I spent about an hour creating a new business and making it profitable over dinner.

He put it like this in the announcement: “We conjured an idea, formed a partnership, got a domain, built an MVP, launched it, and achieved outside revenue in less than 60 minutes. No shortcuts, no cheating, and no hoodie sweatshirts or village hangout required. Just hard work, techno music, take out chinese food, and a lazer focus on the only thing that matters: revenue.”

As for what it is, that will be announced soon enough.

See you tomorrow,