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It’s a little late but I bought “Django: Unchained” today finally. Yeah, a bunch of us saw it in the theatre but it’s still just one of those movies that’s worth owning.

Loni by David Bickley Photography

If you haven’t seen it, you should. Keep in mind though that it is certainly going to offend someone and it is violent…but well worth seeing regardless. I haven’t been able to watch many movies, or really TV in general as evidenced by the fact that I’m several episodes behind on “Game of Thrones.” Not a huge deal since I’ve read the books several times, but still I want to see it. You know? Having the laptop and another complete system aside from my work machine you would think I could just have something playing while I work…

I hadn’t thought of that to tell the truth. Not a bad idea…though it won’t even come close to happening until next week. Now I’m wondering if that will make me more or less productive.

I’ll let you know.

See you tomorrow,