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After a lot of thinking I think I’ve settled on offloading a bit more gear at the end of May. While I was trying to figure a total dollar amount sitting here in photographic equipment I realized that there are some things I just haven’t used in forever (maybe once a year in some cases). There’s no sense in that.

Rachel by David Bickley Photography

The funny this is that this decision came about after passing up the chance to bring another medium format camera to live with me. I love film cameras and that will never go away but the times in which I will chose to shoot film are few and far between so I sadly declined. I already have 3 sitting here missing the light. That got me thinking about what else I don’t use and then I had to ask myself why I would keep those pieces. Anyway, for you fellow photonerds I haven’t decided exactly what I want to offload yet but as soon as I do you can be sure a post will go out about it.

See you tomorrow,