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It’s good to be back home. Today was one of those days where you leave early in the morning and don’t get to walk back through your front for about 18 hours.

Brad by David Bickley Photography

We shot today in a multi-million dollar home for a few hours and then moved to the second location for some images that overlooked the city. However, due to some unavoidable conditions we had to shift the plan a bit and opt to hold off on the remainder of the project for a little bit. The shots are important enough that they need to be captured right instead of relying on post. Some really important administrative decisions were made today as well that should solve the communication hangups that have come to light lately. The hope is that no correspondence will take longer than 24 hours once all the pieces are in place. I’ve had to take a long hard look at the current business model and accept that I need to bring another person on board. Originally I considered an intern but came to the conclusion rather quickly that something more permanent was in order as well. I believe that the most difficult piece of the puzzle will be handling the Facebook centered communication with those of you that seek me out there, but that will be resolved soon too.

Good changes are on the way.

See you tomorrow,