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It’s so nice to have my main 35mm body back home and in perfect working condition.

Loni by David Bickley Photography

I have no idea what happened to it but one day it displayed an error that wasn’t user serviceable so I had to send it in. The strange thing is that the part they fixed can really only be broken by impact and I don’t make a habit of knocking my cameras around so I’m kinda stumped. Whatever, at least it’s fixed and back on the equipment roster right before it’s time to put it through it’s paces again. The 1Ds Mark III is my all terrain camera. It’s the one I know I can rely on no matter what to perform the way I expect in every condition I can throw at it. Don’t get me wrong, the Hassy, the rangefinders, the point and shoots…they’re all good too, but they each have their quirks that you have to work around. Maybe I’m just that used to the “D Series” cameras that I don’t notice their idiosyncrasies, but I believe they are the best pro-level dSLRs you can buy. Aside from the recent repair (which is to be expected on a heavy use camera anyway) there has never been a moment that I haven’t trusted that camera. God I sound like such a salesman. I guess there is a certain level of attachment when you’ve used something for so long. I still have my first pro camera. I never use it any more, but I still have it.

All this despite the fact that if I could only have one camera I would pick a rangefinder. How much sense does that make?

See you tomorrow,