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After about an hour of wearing a child-sized Captain America mask for an event we went to go see the new StarTrek movie.

Loni by David Bickley Photography

First and foremost, I can’t tell you how happy I am to be with a woman so much like myself. Being able to go enjoy dorky stuff it one of the most important things to my existence. There’s no way I could ever shun something just because it’s “geeky.” It’s funny to me too that many people are fine with going to see something like Spiderman or The Avengers, but balk at the idea of StarWars or StarTrek. Especially when you consider that of all possible things the future could hold, an interstellar spaceship is far more likely than a big green angry dude teaming up with a team of super-humans to fight giant alien flying armored slugs…or swinging from the rooftops to fight a dinosaur-man. Why is one more unacceptable than the other?

Now that the rant is over…the movie was awesome. Go see it.

See you tomorrow,