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I have no idea what the weather is going to do tonight and subsequently whether or not I will have reliable power. Good news for you cause I’m posting while you’re all still awake!

Christa by David Bickley Photography

It’s been a pretty awesome day so far. Christa (pictured above) is married to a good friend of mine from school so I got to see them both at once as well as make some great images for her. All in all I’d say that’s pretty solid even if that was all I had going on, but it’s not. Now my gorgeous woman and I are headed to the gym ourselves. She’s competing next weekend in the WBFF show here in KC. After that it’s back to working on images, unless the power goes out and then I have no idea. I have a pair of boots I’m working on repairing, maybe I’ll do that. I know it sounds strange but it’s a project I’ve really come to enjoy.

See you tomorrow,