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I love productive days, especially when they’re coupled with gorgeous weather.

Christa by David Bickley Photography

One of my favorite things in life is rolling the windows down, turning the radio up and driving to pretty much anywhere. There’s going to be a lot of that going on in August. I decided a while back that I’m not going to fly into Las Vegas for the WBFF worlds. I want to drive. Yes it’s a long haul but definitely not the longest I’ve done. Not only will I have some solid road time but it’s going to make it that much easier to bring the gear I need for the images I have planned. I have no idea when I’ll come in or when I’ll leave but I’m beyond excited to finally be able to make it to the WBFF Worlds. The KC show is just a few days away and I’m loving seeing how excited you all are for it. If we haven’t met yet please feel free to come up and introduce yourself, I would love to meet you.

See you tomorrow,