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I legitimately don’t know which event from today is cooler so I’m going to share both of them. Even choosing which to share first seems like a challenge but I have to go with Pete. For those of you that didn’t see my post talking about my close friend Pete Licata, let me recap. For several years he has been developing his skills as a barista (a maker of coffee beverages), and today was the culmination of all of that effort. Less than an hour before writing this Pete, whom I’ve known since I was maybe 12 or 13, was named the best barista in the world. Which means that the espresso he made me last week was, in that moment, the best shot of espresso in the world. I don’t even have words for how proud of him I am.

Then there’s the WBFF show this evening.

Matt Czech by David Bickley Photography

Saying it like that makes the event sound like it was bad which is absolutely not the case. It was a blast. My favorite part of this event is hearing all of the competitor stories. Someone using fitness to overcome loss. Another losing over 100 pounds and forever changing their life. The impact that hearing these things has on me, and certainly on the audience is incredible. This year’s show was made up of an amazing number of people that had never been on the stage before, something like 80% if memory serves.


All in all, a truly awesome day.

See you tomorrow,