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Had a bit of an odd experience today as I shot 35mm again after a long time of shooting exclusively medium format.


I completely forgot the difference in the aspect ratio while I was snapping away. Maybe it’s a little jargony but I’ll explain. If you remember TV before LCDs came along then you’ll remember that they weren’t usually widescreen. They used to be a shorter rectangle, just a bit longer than a square. Specifically that aspect ratio was 4:3, now it is 16:9…a much wider format. Still cameras have different ratios as well, though most don’t shoot the widescreen 16:9 (as pictured above) natively. Generally speaking the more you go up in film/sensor size (not megapixels but the physical size of the sensor) the more square the ratio becomes. Of course there are always exceptions to this but that’s the basic idea.

So blah blah blah, the point is I goofed on composition because I’m so used to a different format. That’s why we have an ultra-wide crop on today’s image. Definitely could have payed closer attention even if it is a random, pointless snapshot. Oh well!

See you tomorrow,