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I wanted to wait and write this after I had seen “Man of Steel.” The hope was that I would enjoy it and be able to report back to you that there was finally a Superman movie I didn’t hate.


Maybe “hate” is a strong word. There just haven’t been any that I actually liked. Sadly this one was no different. I’m to the point where the problem seems like it goes deeper than poor film-making and straight to a poorly designed main character. I don’t think it’s the director’s fault, the actor’s or even the writer’s. Superman is simply a broken character. He has no real weaknesses and therefore can only be moved along through the plights of other characters. That being the case, if there is no trouble afoot Superman becomes boring. In fact, even in trouble he remains boring. A character with no real limitations is predictable.

Oh but wait, Superman’s weakness is Kryptonite!

How well does that ever work out? Exactly.

So now I stand firm in the belief that the only ways I’ll be made to care about Superman are either through a reimagining of the entire character…or a battle between him and Green Lantern where the Lantern just encases him in a Kryptonite coffin, buried in a Kryptonite grave…then the credits roll.

I don’t know if even Chris Nolan could save the Superman franchise.

See you tomorrow,