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Where do you find your motivation?

Akuac by David Bickley Photography

Are you a person who is motivated by money? Do you only find your drive when someone tells you that you can’t do something? This isn’t some sort of “life lesson” post. I’m genuinely curious about how you pump yourself up to accomplish the things you want to achieve. For some reason I was thinking about motivation speakers today and it got me wondering… What do motivational speakers use to motivate themselves? Everyone has bad times in their lives and keeping your eyes on the prize is a damned important skill to have when things get hard. Even more so when they seem impossible.

A lot of my business is focused (no pun intended) on fitness and people who work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their goals range from better athletic performance to a complete life change. I hear their stories and love listening to them express the change in their lives. The question remains though, what do you do to keep yourself going? It doesn’t matter if it’s health related or not. Let’s hear what you’ve got!

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