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The internet hates me. Generally my posting workflow goes in such a way that the daily image is syndicated before the blog post is written. I don’t know why I do it this way, it’s just a habit I’ve fallen into.

People2 by David Bickley Photography

However when one of my media outlets (facebook) hinders that process it throws everything off. I haven’t been able to upload an image for who knows how long now and obviously have no idea why, or when it will change. So, apologies for the lateness here. I did tell you that I had an announcement to make for the WBFF athletes that plan to compete at Worlds in Vegas next month. After a ton of work I’m finally able to bring you an opportunity that I’m absolutely pumped about! I have been asked to produce something for a very large company and I have decided to do so with 2 people that book a session with me during the week of the WBFF Worlds. More information will be officially announced tomorrow but what I will tell those of you reading this now is that no other photographer has been able to offer you anything like this before. It has nothing to do with apes.

Get excited, I’ll answer any questions you have after the announcement goes out tomorrow.

See you then,