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Everything seems to be back in working order.

Imprisoned by David Bickley Photography

I keep posting images from the series I released on the site earlier this week because I know some of you may have missed it and the images are something I feel is important enough to bear criticism for repeating them.

Outside of that, the official announcement went out this morning. I’m selecting two WBFF athletes to take part in a project I’m working on for a very large photographic company and the resulting exposure could very well be career changing for them. I’m very excited about being able to offer an opportunity like this and I can’t wait to see the difference it makes for the two people who get to participate. The only caveat is that you have to book a session with me during the WBFF Worlds week in Vegas this year in order to be considered. So pick your date and time and get that session locked down because the decision will be made in a few short weeks.

See you tomorrow,