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Every now and then I get to play food photographer, which I love to do and I’m sure my fitness clients love to see.

Grunauer Apple Strudel by David Bickley Photography

Today was one of those days, and oh so delicious. It’s not always the case but sometimes the crew will get to sample the dishes after they’ve been photographed. I was definitely thankful for that today because when this gigantic apple strudel came out I might as well have been drooling on myself. I’m not a big dessert guy but anything similar to apple pie is another story. Really it doesn’t even have to be pie-like…just needs apples and I’m in there. You could put any other dessert on the planet in front of me and I probably wouldn’t care but, if I smell apples all bets are off. It’s mine.

But I digress.

The shoot was for a restaurant called Grunauer, here in Kansas City. The food is amazing so if you’re in the area definitely go check it out. I have some shots of their chef, Mattias making this strudel as well so I’m sure you’ll see those as I get these images ready for press.

See you tomorrow,