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I guess it’s time for a little more from the fitness side of things. After all, I’ve only been torturing you for a week with food images.

Christa by David Bickley Photography

Certainly those of you preparing for fitness competitions have appreciated that. I mean, why wouldn’t you? You’re only trying to reach a physical condition that an overwhelming 1% of the world’s population ever achieves. Piece of cake!

I mean…um…

Protein Shake!

Anyway tomorrow is a day for buckling down I think. There are a lot of purely personal tasks that need to get knocked out around here…like groceries, since we’re on the subject of food. I also need to get on making a list of product reviews that I intend to write for Fstoppers. If any of you photographers out there would like to know about something specific feel free to let me know. There’s a pretty long list in my mind as it stands but I’m always open to letting you know about specific things if I can.

See you tomorrow,