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Today’s image is thanks to large number of requests for the color version of this shot from the Imprisoned series.

Untitled Grizzly by David Bickley Photography

Since I’ve made it a point to shift a bit into making time for more composited work my mind has gone back into dissecting images for what I can use. This image is real, but I can almost guarantee that I’ll use the grizzly for something else. Maybe not this shot exactly but something he’s in. Along with the actual client work I have on my plate I’ve been concepting the next pieces so I have an actual purpose when I sit down to illustrate again. I don’t know if I mentioned it when I posted before but, the desert image was completely off the cuff. Normally it’s a good idea to know generally what you intend to do so you can gather the right resources. Sketching, for lack of a better term, is more difficult unless you have a very vast library of resource images to pull from.

Yes, as a photographer I have a ridiculous amount of images in my archives but not many shot for the purposes I mean. Such is the difficulty in being a photography purist that also loves the art of advanced retouching and compositing.

See you tomorrow,