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I decided that rather than post my favorite image and then work my way down the line that this time I would do the opposite. Today’s image is my least favorite of everything I shot at the canyon.

Upper Antelope Canyon by David Bickley Photography

The reason for that is pretty simple. It’s the one shot that I forgot to lock the mirror up on. That means that the action on the mirror flipping up to reveal the sensor in the camera was forceful enough to shake the exposure, making the image a bit blurry. Locking the mirror up prevents this by exposing the shot without a heavy mechanical motion needing to take place. All SLR cameras have a mirror that can cause this, hence the word “reflex” in Single-Lens Reflex (SLR). On sensitive exposures like this one it’s pretty crucial to turn mirror lock-up on. Normally I would re-shoot the photo but with a crowd of people waiting behind me there wasn’t that option.

All said, the image still works well enough that it didn’t get cut completely. When printed it will still have plenty of clarity.

See you tomorrow,