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Hearing that a “professional” photographer is operating without insurance is like watching a man standing in front of a wrecking ball at full swing while trying to use his mind powers to stop it from squashing him into an idiotcake. There is one law that trumps copyright legalities in the photographic world and that, dear friends, is Murphy’s Law.

Upper Antelope Canyon by David Bickley Photography

Whether it’s insurance against equipment theft or the absolutely essential liability policy there’s no excuse for the irresponsibility of operating without coverage. You didn’t walk in your parents room when the sock was on the doorknob lest you be blinded by the horrors within. Why would you work under the perpetual risk of losing everything you’ve bled for because someone twisted their ankle on a pebble during your shoot? If everyone uses the justification of “oh that’ll never happen to me” eventually someone will be wrong and it will probably be you. Unless you’re all like “Spontaneously transforming into a cotton candy version of myself and being eaten by Donkey Kong after which I burst forth from his being a la Neo destroying Agent Smith only to then be immediately crowned King of Siberia? Oh that’ll never happen to me.”

Then you might be correct.

However, in all other examples you are wrong. Smart’n up and get covered.

See you tomorrow,