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I hate to admit that I, like the masses, am pretty excited for the new iPhone that was announced today. Not because I’m a tech junkie or an Apple fiend but because my current phone is on that slow, buggy trek to the electronic grave.

Upper Antelope Canyon by David Bickley Photography

The excitement comes from the timing of the update. It’s the fact that I’ll actually be up to speed with the product line instead of missing out on all the new fancy stuff because I like to save my money. A little bit of the excitement comes from the fingerprint scanner as well. I do firmly believe that no matter what security measures are in place, they will always have circumventable weaknesses. That said, there is some comfort in being able to keep a very important device secured by my fingerprint, and mine alone if I so choose. When we consider the amount of sensitive data these little pocket luxuries contain about us…well, I for one am very happy to have more than a 4-digit code or a drawing on a screen to keep my WordsWithFriends account secure.

See you tomorrow,