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Arrived safe and sound in Oklahoma City (or somewhere around there) and basically got right to shooting. Which went great by the way.

Tami Howdeshell by David Bickley Photography

Tomorrow is gonna come real quick too but I’m excited. It’s the day of the show and I get to start by making sure that my end of things runs as smooth and as fast as possible. My goal each show is to get these athlete’s images processed and uploaded even faster than before and I think this show will set a new precedent if everything goes as planned.

I don’t like it when people have to wait a ton of time to see their images and although sometimes that is unavoidable, an event isn’t really one of those times. Granted, there are a ton of images to process but I think if it’s done right that time and be seriously lessened. It has taken me 3 years to streamline to this point and this show is the first test run.

I’m pumped.

See you tomorrow,