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Home safe and sound from the WBFF Southwest Us Championship weekend. Man what a great time!

Ashley French by David Bickley Photography

The show was solid, the athletes looked amazing, the magazine shoots turned out exactly like I wanted, AND all 5,000 images were edited and distributed to the athletes in less than 24 hours! I’m pretty happy with that, but I know I can still make it happen faster. Here’s what I’m betting for the KC show in May…images out within an hour of each event. Show photographers have done it before (myself included) where images are streamed online directly from the show, but always into one massive gallery. Never with this kind of precision. It’s incredibly time consuming to have to search through an entire show to find a single competitors images and my goal is to kill that issue altogether. This may not mean much to people that aren’t involved in these shows but I promise it’s a big deal to the competitors.

I’m incredibly happy to have finally broken through the bottleneck to be able to do this for these athletes.

See you tomorrow,