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Took a break from the whole packing fiasco and had an awesome shoot with WBFF competitor and soldier Sean Server. He drove here all the way from Nebraska to shoot with me before he steps on stage next month.

Sean Server by David Bickley Photography

Things like that are still crazy to me even after being a professional photographer for over a decade. When I fist started I never thought that some day people would travel from all over to work with me. I mean after all, who am I really? There are so many great artists in the world that it still blows my mind when people either travel to me or pay me to come to them. Truthfully if I’m not used to it after so long I doubt I ever will be, and I expect that it will always be as flattering as it’s always been. Whether it’s a 15 minute drive, or a 15 hour flight I hope you all know how much of an honor it is to be asked to make these images for you.

On a pseudo-related note my hope is that by the end of this week (after the present chaos) I’ll be able to tell you all about what I’ve been chomping at the bit to let out.

See you tomorrow,