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Well I was moving along at a pretty solid pace today, up until I sat down to write and ended up getting distracted for I don’t even know how long.

Sean Server by David Bickley Photography

If you’ve followed me for a while, or seen any of the articles I’ve written on the subject then you know my thoughts on building wealth as a photographer. If you don’t, I’ll summarize. It’s incredibly difficult to do. We work in a business that doesn’t lend itself to the usual methods of building value. Simply put, it’s non-stop work and generating a passive, residual system of income is next to impossible within the average photographer’s business model. That said, I am always looking at different ways to either develop a product, expand into other businesses, or invest. Today my distraction was due to diving headfirst into research on crypto-currencies. Although I’m not quite sure where I stand on their ability to be a viable investment yet, the idea is interesting to say the least. Of course, had I been paying more attention to them a year ago I would feel a lot different I’m sure. We’ll just call that AAPL-itis.

See you tomorrow,