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Well it’s moving day so I’m posting way earlier than normal just in case I can’t get back online later! Today’s image kinda cracks me up, and I’m posting it because of that.

Sean Server by David Bickley Photography

I apparently wasn’t paying attention on this shot and ended up misjudging the the shadows from a tree overhead. The didn’t seem to be so dark in the midst of our conversation so I just snapped away. Turns out that the tree made him look like he has some serious dreads. That isn’t what I intended at all. Of course a lot of people won’t read this and then go on to talk about how the shot doesn’t work. They would be right, but that’s kinda the point. Every now and then I like to show you all the times where I goof up, cause it happens to all of us. I think the key is to embrace those times and make light of it.

See you tomorrow,