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I promised to tell you some cool things today, didn’t I?

Tami Howdeshell by David Bickley Photography

So here’s what has been going on. I have been planning on taking possession of a new studio for a while but hadn’t yet found an opportunity that seemed right. That is, until about a month ago. Another local photographer ( happened to have a building she wanted out of that not only was a studio, but also had an apartment upstairs. Given that my lease terms for my current home and also for my studio were up at the end of October this was a great twist of fate. Plus, they wanted to leave around that same time. So after a lot of conversations with her, and then with the property owner we reached a unique agreement allowing me to live in and inspect the property before committing to buy the lot.

This gives me the opportunity to really inspect the investment before diving in. Obviously that’s seriously awesome. So that’s item number one. Not only a new studio but also a unique place to live. Oh yeah, and Google Fiber was just installed. Meaning that as soon as the moving/unpacking stuff is over, my workflow will get crazy fast thanks to nearly 1gb/sec upload speeds.

Item number two is that I have opted to start accepting Bitcoin and Litecoin for payments as well as the existing traditional methods of payment. After a year of waiting to see how the stability of a completely digital currency would play out I finally believe it will remain a viable currency. Therefore, since I constantly strive to stay on the leading edge of the technology that is useful in this business…this is a risk I am willing to take.

Dealing in a currency that is still so unpredictable is definitely a risk, that much is certain. However, I do believe that in the long run it is an option that will be useful to you, my clients.

The very last thing is something that I still wanted to wait to talk about, but I’m on a roll so here we go. I mentioned buying a microphone about a week ago. No, I’m not gonna sing. What I am doing though is working on a series of photoshop tutorials. When I say “working on” I mean that I am still developing the outline of what they will be about. It’s coming though. The recent changes in my working environment give me quite a bit more time to expand what I want to do. These are the changes I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. Now I believe I will be able to so much easier than before.

So that’s what I’ve been up to!

See you tomorrow,