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It’s always an awesome day when you get to meet and actually sit down to talk with someone you truly respect in your industry. For whatever reason I usually don’t attend big photographer events or lectures, but when I got word that Greg Heisler would be in town it took all of 22.5 seconds to sign up. With the added bonus of receiving a book of his portraits that I was already planning on picking up anyway.

WBFF Pro Shawn Taylor by David Bickley Photography

The funny thing to me is that while I’ve always enjoyed his work, that’s not why he’s on my top 3 photographers list. It’s because of the grace and humility he has despite his tremendous career…and the bow ties. I know and have met plenty of world-class, famous photographers and exponentially more photographers that are just getting started. Sadly the thing that seems to permeate this industry from top to bottom is ego. It’s nice to meet someone I respect and not be disappointed by the personality behind the lens.

See you tomorrow,