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I have to say, where Marvel screwed it up with X-Men, they have pretty much aced the Avengers movies. I don’t just mean the ones titled “Avengers” but pretty much all the rest of the solo stories too.

Sean Server by David Bickley Photography

We’ll forget about the Hulk movies altogether, cause those have been a disaster. You wouldn’t think that it would be easy to screw up movies about smashing stuff. Anyway the point of all this is that we took a break and went to see the new Thor this evening. Obviously it was awesome. I think part of me is still waiting for the crash. If there’s one thing Hollywood does well, it’s ruin great franchises and each great addition somehow makes me more and more afraid of the fall. Chris Nolan did a great job with Batman and I’m really glad it stopped when it did. However, there will obviously be a set of Robin movies to follow eventually cause it’s perfectly set up for that. This worries me.

Even still, it seems like the Marvel franchise is learning from it’s mistakes and at least trying to keep telling a good story. I think the worst tragedy in films is losing the story to the FX (thanks Matrix 2 and 3).

See you tomorrow,