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It amazes me how many entrepreneurs don’t attend networking events. Especially photographers. There seems to be this thought that we have to keep to ourselves and not mingle with the competition. It’s ridiculous.


I feel like the average photographer is so afraid of losing business that they fail to realize the benefits of meeting others in their field. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely been burned but those times are far less than the times people have sent me large jobs they couldn’t do. Any business that is as inexpensive to get into as photography will have people that think it’s easy and try to do whatever they can to get a slice of the pie. I’ve had people convince me to teach them and then turn right around and try to undercut me and take my clients. On more than one occasion actually but, it never outweighs the benefits of networking with the right people.

Maybe they became clients, maybe just friends…but something good always comes from it. Even if you lose a little in the process.

See you tomorrow,