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The house smells like cinnamon and a Christmas tree has appeared in the living room. It seems someone here can’t wait for holiday music and presents.

Megan Stockman by David Bickley Photography

Is it bad that I tend to forget that these things are coming? I really do pay attention to the world around me, I swear. At least I can fall back on the fact that I forget my own birthday more often than not. Someone usually has to ask me what my plans are before I remember to make them. We’ll see how that goes this year. In the mean time, there’s all sorts of fun stuff happening in front of the camera before Thanksgiving so I’ll be spending most of tomorrow prepping for that. Well, after I get done putting on my “legal hat” to deal with some outlandish bill from somewhere I don’t even live. Such a strange thing to even have to say.

See you tomorrow,