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I was reminded very quickly today why I’m no longer interested in using anything other than a Mac. No, it’s not because I’m an apple snob or because I don’t know my way around a PC. Quite the opposite actually.

Megan Stockman by David Bickley Photography

I just can’t stand how unnecessarily complicated Microsoft manages to make everything. Even something as simple as browsing the internet. I went to MicroCenter to grab a new wifi adapter and in the process decided to look at Windows 8. That lasted all of 5 minutes, half of which were spent trying to get to the control panel. Need to find out what kind of hardware a computer had? Better put on a hat and a flashlight, cause you’re going spelunking to find it. It makes no sense, especially when you consider that 8 is supposedly more user friendly than ever. Bull. Whatever happened to Windows 98 SE? Or XP if we want to stretch a bit…

All that ever needed to be done was to cut back on the over consumption of resources. That’s it! So here I am, back to being convinced that moving to Mac was the right choice. The totally overpriced right choice…as long as you learn enough about your system to never have to use the genius bar.

See you tomorrow,